RE: D9090 back to life !

From: Martin Hoffmann-Vetter <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 20:47:38 +0100
Message-ID: <006f01cf1b98$a2e7c170$>

> The Track number starts at zero? But there can't be any data blocks
> there as track 0 says "end of file block"....

This is one case. The other case exists at a later time, too:

--- snip from 8061/8062 manual ---
The data sectors, containing file data, are linked as follows:
1. The first byte is the sector address (actually the head and sector
combined). It will be a Hex 'FF' if no more data sectors exists. FF is
referred to as the end of the list (EOL).
2. The second byte is the track address of the next sector or it can be the
pointer to the last byte in the sector if EOL. This definition is the same
as a data sector in sequential file.
--- snip ---

And if i remember correctly the 8280 do the same. If has a track zero! The
9060/9090/8280 use a early cbm dos 3.0! (Do not compare it with the dos from
the upgraded 1541, the 1571!)


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