RE: D9090 back to life !

From: Martin Hoffmann-Vetter <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 20:28:32 +0100
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> Does the 8060 exist in the wild though? The entry on SWoC mentions
> 8060 (single drive, 750K), 8061 (dual drive, total capacity 1.6M),
> 8062 (dual drive, 3.2M) and 8280 (dual drive, 1M). If all that is
> correct, it appears we'd need D86 for 8060/8061 drives, D8? for 8062
> drives and perhaps D88 for 8280 drives.

The 8061 exists. Look at my page about the 806x: You see, there was selled a 8061 drive from
germany to canada.

The question is, does the 8060 with only one 8" drive exits? If you look
into the 8061/8062 manual, you found references to the 8061 with a SS
(single sided) drive and the 8062 with a DS (double sided) drive. The
physical format is the same. I've reconstructed some specification from the at There is a source file IODEFS, that explain
the 16 (!) density zones. In the source file HDROMTBL you find the sectors
per track and the track ranges for the zones. So it's equal to the manual!
The archive is named harddrives and it's a modification from Rob West and
Russ Rustad for a 8061/8062 floppy drive to change one floppy drive with an
unknown hard disk drive!

The next question is, why did the capacity of the 8060 750K bytes and one
drive of the 8061 800K bytes (or exactly 796672 bytes)? So it seems the
format of the 8060 is different to the 8061/8062!

> Somehow I think it would be better to switch to five letter file
> extentions, even if those break MS-DOS compatibility. For that
> matter, D64 is illogical to start with as it is used to describe the
> 1541.

Why that? The logical format of the 4040 and 1541 are the same. So we don't
need two formats. And if you look into the specification you find some
option (35 or 40 tracks, with or without errorcodes) that vary the file
size. So i think, we need only one format for the D9060 and D9090 images. So
the D9060 image is less than the D9090 image. Both sizes are known. And i
think the name d90 is very good, because both models starts with it. And if
you remember, the D9060 and D9090 have the same hardware. Only the hard disk
drive and a jumper is changed!

And for the d60 format we put all the possible format from the
8060/8061/8062 into. Or we use the d60, d61 and d62 extension.


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