Re: D9090 back to life !

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 12:10:55 +0100
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>> I'd now like to extract a complete image of the drive to see if there 
>> is any deleted files that may be of interest. I was going to use the 
>> WMUTIL.PRG basic/ml program written by Andre Fachet and Bo Zimmerman 
>> to pull an image but does the concept of a .D90 image exist?
> Why not, it should just be an image in ascending order of
> (track,sector), 256 bytes per sector.
> The cbmlink software by me includes a disk image reader, which
> basically increments the sector and track counters until an illegal
> track or sector is reported, and then steps to sector 0 on the next
> track, or ends copying when the track number becomes invalid.
> I hope that the WMUTIL.PRG does the same.

Yes, it does (only I spelt it wrong, it's EMUTIL). The only gotcha is 
that the track numbers run from 0 on the D9060/D9090 and 1 on the floppy 

> It should not be too hard to modify cbmconvert to support D9090
> images.  There is only a single directory, right? And the maximum file
> system size is 255 tracks, 256 sectors per track, 256 bytes per
> sector, right?  That would be a bit under 16 megabytes (16 MiB - 64
> KiB).
> I could actually be interested to do this; it has been a while since I
> updated the tool. :)

Sounds olike an excellent plan! I'm not yet familiar with the detailed 
internals for the HD's but yes, I think so. As I said above the tracks 
go from 0-152 and the sector numbers run from 0-127 on the D9060 and 
0-195 on the D9090.


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