Re: D9090 back to life !

From: Rob Clarke <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 10:18:47 +0100
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There must be something in the air at the moment because I also fixed an 
old D9060 last week.

For me the problem was a failed EPROM for the SASI controller. After 
comparing what I extracted with my reader to the file on zimmers, it was 
only a single bit which had flipped. Stiction prevented the original 
Tandon 602 drive from spinning up to start with but I didn't realise 
over the noise of the fan. It unstuck itself after a few minutes and 
since then has fired up normally. As an added bonus, I was able to read 
the entire disk without any problems, 25 years since it was last used.

I'd now like to extract a complete image of the drive to see if there is 
any deleted files that may be of interest. I was going to use the 
WMUTIL.PRG basic/ml program written by Andre Fachet and Bo Zimmerman to 
pull an image but does the concept of a .D90 image exist?

cheers, Rob

On 27/01/2014 02:04, wrote:
> "Ardidiou" as we can say by there !
> I'm proud to annonce here that my venerable D9090 is now again in
> operationnal !
> For those here who don't remember, it survived to two (2) travels from
> Germany to France (thanks to DHL) many years ago and a start of fire
> at my storage location four years ago. After a lot of patience, and
> cleaning, and patience I've the so desired message on the SX64 screen
> (using a DAMS cartridge) :
> 0 "FUFHD " 00 3A
> 19441 Blocks free.
> What did I finally had to replace/repair ?
> - The power line filter
> - Fuse holder nut (DHL, probably)
> - 1 weak solder (ground power of DOS board)
> - Status LED pins
> - Tandon 603 (DHL) replaced by a ST225
> - ST225 replaced by a ST238R (but the ST225 works well in my Olivetti
> M24)
> Don't ask why, it operates well only when placed on it's right side !
> (seen from ST225 manual, it's forbiden to use it from it's back .. and
> it's the exact position choosen by commodore)
> Regards - Hervé
> Next "repair" project : a CBM2001

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