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From: didier derny <>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 21:08:56 +0100
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This exactly what I've finally found :)

I'm progressing in the decoding of the code
The sasi part is almost fully decoded...

I'm struggling with the organization of the shared memory

I'll make the .asm and .info available in a few days.

My main goal is to find the sasi command sent
From this controller to the disk

To reimplement them and connect a sdcard In place of a sasi disk.


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> I'm disassembling the rom found on zimmer (the sasi part)

If i remember, Ruud has done it any time ago. So you can ask him for the
current state of his disassembly.

> I'm trying to find the memory map from the schematics (not so easy to 
> read, problem of quality)
> Till now I found:
> - 6502
> - 6522 ????
> - 2716 $F800  (a part is not used)
> - 6810 ????

- 0000-007F RAM (6810)
- 0080-008F VIA (6522)
  0090-00FF VIA (mirrors)
- 0100-017F RAM (mirror for stack)
  0180-01FF VIA (mirrors)
  0200-03FF mirrors of 0000-01FF
- 0400-13FF RAM (shared)
  1400-17FF unused
- 1800-1FFF ROM (2716)
  2000-FFFF mirrors of 0000-1FFF


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