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From: Groepaz <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:22:57 +0100
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On Tuesday 17 December 2013, you wrote:
> and that some carts
> like the Magic Voice cart would drive the bus at unexpected times
> including the high address lines (They would toggle /GAME and /EXROM
> dynamically when the system had been designed for them to be solder
> jumpers).  Eventually I stopped trying to "improve" it and try to learn to
> "live with" it.

its a common trick used by a bunch of cartridges... for example to switch to 
ultimax mode depending on the address lines, so you can get memory at 8000 
which can accept writes.

magic voice is interesting though, as the software first probes the cartridge 
in the passthrough port, and then sets its own game/exrom lines accordingly 
... would make an excellent cartridge dumping setup with a little bit of 
custom software :)


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