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Welcome, Spiro !


At my point of view, there's really few interest in the use of any kind of other chip than a real 6551 (8250, 16x50, 6850) for Commodore 8 bits. It's available, cheap, well known, and it makes the job... and 115200 is really more than sufficient for 65XXs or 68Ks. I've got under the hand a turbo 232 (never tested !) and a 6551 board for PETs (40xx/8032 only ?) with all docs and software (never experienced with it also). From memory, 6551 is (was) also in Apple's super serial card (2 ports, integrated into //c) and CBM128/P500 (1 port only - is it supported in kernel/basic ?).

Long time ago, I had developped a 4 serial expansion board for A500/A2000/(A1000 & CDTV never tested mecanically) to setup some multinode Minitel server using four 6850, over one of the 8520s and inspired from an Atari Mega ST board.

If someone wiches some details on the PET's 6551 board ... I can share.


Regards - Hervé

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 Hello Hervé and Gerrit,

* On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 09:07:33PM +0100 wrote:
> From the picture, this is a classical 1.8432Mhz crystal.

Of course, I had it in front of my eyes, but I totally missed it.

Thank you both for answering this stupid question of me. ;)


Spiro R. Trikaliotis

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