Re: Out of the office

From: Chris Bongaarts (
Date: 2000-07-18 15:50:51

In the immortal words of [Marko M_kel_]:

>Yep.  If his autoreply program had kept track of sent replies, it would
>only have sent one reply to the list.

Or if his autoreply added an X-Loop header or equivalent, and didn't
reply to messages with it set.  Or if this mailing list uses
Precedence: bulk headers, and his autoreply detected and did not

Or if his autoreply checked to be sure his address was in the
To:/CC:/etc. fields, and only replied to those (in which case he
wouldn't have sent the very first offending message).

>> I never would have thought of this possibility....
>Me neither.  I went through the Majordomo configuration file yesterday,
>and couldn't find anything that could be used as a safety guard against

Some mailing lists set an X-Loop: header with the mailing list as the
value to detect these sorts of things; I don't think Majordomo is one
of them...

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