Re: C64 to VGA (fwd)

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-07-07 08:34:32

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Jul 2000, Steve Judd wrote:
> > I received this interesting email today -- anyone have any experience with
> > this device?
> For others who are surfing with Lynx: the exact address of the page is
> <URL:>.  It claims that the device would
> accept both PAL and NTSC video.  If this really is true, this device would
> allow me to use NTSC Commodores in color.

I didn't look at that page yet, but I already have a similar device, and
it works great with both PAL and NTSC machines. I got it used for DM100,
it is one of those standalone TV tuner boxes which you can connect to a
VGA monitor. Since BT848 based TV cards are so popular, nobody wants the
external ones anymore, but it is fine for me.

The design is simple in principle, but involves somewhat advanced
hardware. The first stage is a video digitizer chip with multiplexer for
several inputs (composite from Tuner, external composite, external
SVideo) that outputs digital YUV data encoded to 16bit (I would call it
8:4:4, but I think normally it's called 4:2:2) which is then stored into
line buffer RAM chips. A custom IC doubles the horizontal frequency and
then the digital input is supplied to a special YUV RAMDAC chip which
has a signal multiplexer for another RGB input, so you can have your PC
connected to the box. Everything is controlled by a 8031 microcontroller
to handle the remote control signals and setup all of the chips via an
I2C bus.

Actually I have to say the device works better than the BT848 card I
once had, because that would not detect that the C64 signal is
non-interlaced. Unfortunately windowed modes are not possible anymore.


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