Subject: Re: 3016 PET and BTX Decoder ROMs

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2000-07-06 02:50:17

--- Lance Lyon <> wrote:
> >
> > The C, D, E and F ROMs would constitute a complete set of ROMs for Basic
> > 3.  If it has been upgraded to Basic 4.0, the B socket would also be
> > occupied, otherwise it is a special ROM.  The "9" socket always contained
> > special ROMs.  Those do not sound like the standard Commodore labels.
> Speaking of extra ROM's in PETs, my Basic 4 equipped 3032 has the following
> extras:
>            $9000 BAS 4

A Machine Language monitor that is much better than TIM (the one stuffed into
the C= ROMs).  It's at $9000 (thus the UD3) and works with the BASIC 4 kernel.
Various versions exist for other memory spaces (so you can put it in a
different ROM socket if you have other firmware that isn't so flexible, like
some of the commercial entities were).

> UD4 - (handwritten label)
>            B-AID
>            @A 70 (or perhaps 40)

BASIC-AID.  Somewhere, I have the printed docs to this, but expect that
there is an electronic version floating around.  It was a common set of
extensions to BASIC like print spooling, auto-renumbering, appending, etc.

My primary computer from 1979 through 1983 was a 40-column, BASIC 3 PET
with a single tape drive.  I had BASIC-AID, PAICS Toolkit, ROM-RABBIT (a
tape accelerator) and SuperMon in my ROM sockets.  I used them daily.  It
was a fact of life that having 12K of user-defined ROM code made the
difference on a diskless machine.  It saved endless loading of the same
utilities every time I locked up the machine (which was often because I
was writing Machine Language).


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