Re: C64- and VIC-20-types
Date: 2000-06-19 20:33:08

Hallo William,

> VIC20
> ......

Thank you very much.

> You did not give the assembly number of your VIC20 boards.  It is on the 
> right front of the board, just under the edge of the large heat sink.

I did not give it for the simple reason that I didn't know it was there. But to 
be honest, I was a little bit short in time that particular day. I made that up 
by looking for it after reading the above. Then I noticed that the assembly # 
for the board with the big powerplug and the 7p-plug were the same! So I looked 
further and on the solder side I found the Fab. number which was different. So 
please look them up as well.

Groetjes, Ruud

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