Re: C128 disks

From: Mark (
Date: 2000-06-13 04:11:38


A few days ago I wrote:
>A while ago I acquired the following C128 disks. I have not yet tested them,
>but if someone is interested (and they are not already on Funet) I could
>maybe get around to making disk images:
>- Commodore 128 CP/M System Disk (no write-enable notches, so this will not
>  have been altered since new).
>- C128 "The Very First" (probably some kind of introductory tutorial)
>- 1570/1571 test/demo disk

I have uploaded an archive containing these and another couple of programs,
Rhythm King and Turbo Disk both published by Supersoft.

Rhythm King is a drumkit type program which comes with a cartridge that has an
RCA/phono socket for audio output. This program may or may not work without
that cartridge. Turbo Disk is a disk fast load utility. I have instructions
for this which need to be typed up; the disk image will not be of much use

Get the archive from:    (403573 bytes long)

(Use a utility like wget, HTTPResume or GetRight if your browser just displays
that file in its window.)

-- Mark

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