Cloned Oric Atmos

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2000-06-08 21:42:03

Nicolas Welte wrote:

> Frank Kontros wrote:
> > original model, like the (cloned) Oric Atmos too.
> Oh, a cloned Atmos exists? The Oric fans would be very interested in the
> design, because they're running out of spare parts, especially the ULA
> thing that seems to be the graphics controller. I follow comp.sys.oric
> sometimes since I found that fully working Oric 1 16k in the
> university's computer "recycling" container. Or did the Bulgarians use
> licensed or original components?

Right. Bulgarians use original components (ULA) and licensed 65xx chips.
I've the schematic itself (it is shipped with user's manual). I'll
with original from book I have. I'll look how many clones I can get for
cents. I plan to use my PCB for projects (ideal for 65xx designs).

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