Re: C64GS

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-06-07 18:37:26

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> > The question is, whether to modify it by adding a C128D keyboard
> > connector...

I wouldn't modify the 64GS, it's a nice collectors item. C64E boards
which are fully equipped are very easy to get, on the other hand. So why
not use one of them, maybe exchange the cartridge connector for a
vertical one, and put this one into the 64GS, with a copy of the 64GS
ROM. Since those ROMs are 27128 Eprom compatible, it's a very easy task
to do this. Keep the unmodified 64GS board somewhere in a safe place ;-)

About the Magic Voice: I analyzed the startup sequence in the ROM to
some extent, when I was in the process of repairing my cartridge. It
only has 16k ROM, and starts up in a strange memory configuration. It
uses Ultimax features to replace the kernal ROM, but only very few code
will execute from that location. Most of it is copied to RAM and just
contains the speech control program that resides at $c000 after the
initialization procedure. The Magic Voice restores the C64 memory
configuration completely, and even starts a EXROM or EXROM/GAME
cartridge that is installed in its cart port. I think even Ultimax
cartridges will work, I remember to see some tests for it in the MV ROM

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