From: Richard Atkinson (rga24_at_hermes.cam.ac.uk)
Date: 2000-06-07 16:04:23

I just received a C64GS; unfortunately I had to go through eBay but I
didn't get such a bad deal. Anyway, although this one was advertised as
not working, it is in fact fine and I'm not surprised - I've always
regarded the BN/E motherboard as being extremely reliable.

Anyway, I've been experimenting - taking it apart and examining the 4 in 1
game cartridge that came with it. That cartridge uses surface mount
chips! I was very surprised to find two SMT LS TTL glue logic chips and a
larger SMT ROM chip. That must make it one of the few Commodore 8 bit
pieces of hardware to use SMT - is it the only one?

Plugging a Magic Voice into the C64GS (!) produced a standard C64 BASIC V2
READY prompt. Although I can't do anything with it (no keyboard or serial
port) I'm willing to bet it would function entirely as a normal
C64. I think the Magic Voice contains an entire replacement Kernal for the
C64, not just some new reset vectors. The power-on screen for the native
C64GS definitely has the words 'GAMES SYSTEM' at the top for a brief
moment before it goes into the cartridge loading screen.

The question is, whether to modify it by adding a C128D keyboard


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