additional to1551 Test Demo?

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-06-02 22:48:00

not sure if this has come up with regard to 1551 drive but i've just found
this on my hard drive ?

Here are the answers to Commodore Trivia Edition #6 for May, 1994.

Q $050) The Commodore 1551 Disk Drive is a parallel device.  How did it
        connect to the Commodore Plus/4 and C16?

A $050) The Commodore 1551 connected via the expansion port.  Therefore, it
        was a parallel device, and could work at much faster speeds.

Q $051) How many could you attach?

A $051) Two, The second drive cable attached to the back of the first cable.

Q $052) What were the addresses they used? (Not device numbers)

A $052) The two drives were mapped into the Address space at $fec0 and $fef0
        of the Plus/4 or C-16.  The 6523 Triple Interface Adaptor chip is
        mapped in at these locations and has 8 registers each.


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