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From: peter karlsson (
Date: 2000-06-02 14:43:51

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From: Dean Semmens <>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 22:11:18 CST
Subject: Re: MY STORY transferring data from C64 8250LP disk drive to PC

Hi there!
I am in Adelaide, South Australia.

Could someone help me solve a problem please.
I am running a programme called Superbase on the C64. I was told if I get 
my Pentium PC to emulate a C64, I could transfer my programmes and data 
over to PC format and run my Pentium with a C64 emulator. The problem I'm 
trying to solve in going through this whole exercise, is that the C64 disks 
are out of space. It would be unwieldy to have more disks, as I would have 
to run my programme identically several times to get the information I 
need. So if I get my Pentium running as a C64 and transfer over my 
programme and data, I'll have the space to carry on.  I have a C64 linked 
to a 8250LP disk drive. I have an IEEE interface and a leading edge 

I have managed to get my PC to emulate a C64. I turn it on and it has the 
blue screen and says it's a C64 ....poor mixed up thing! So the next thing 
I have to do is get my data and porgrammes across onto PC format. 
Apparently, it is not possible to transfer my data straight from the 8250 
to the PC I've been told.

One of the solutions offerred, is to first transfer the data from the 
8250LP to a 1541 disk drive. From there, apparently it's relatively easy to 
transfer it to the PC. I've acquired a 1541 disk drive but that's as far as 
I've got. I have one major problem, my computer skills are non existent !! 
Someone suggested that there are no doubt computer gurus who would still 
have a C 64   8250LP disk drive and have a C 64   1541 disk drive. If this 
was the case, I was hoping I could pay someone to transfer my disks and 
post them over. If you are able to help, it would be greatly appreciated. 
If not, are you able to send my email onto someone you know or put it onto 
a bulletin board (I don't know how to do this) and if someone could contact 
me at I would be very grateful.
Thanks for your help

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