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From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-05-30 03:29:25

Trans64 has a bug with D81 files.... I've had a few emails with Bernhard
(the programmer) but as yet we have not resolved all the problems....
Trans64 can be used to transfer /name /copy /work with files on a D81 image,
but it can'y be used to create the blank image in the first place.... it
gets it wrong... the original BAM is incorrectly set up.

To create the blank D81 image I recommend using C1541.EXE bundled with VICE.
I personally have a BLANK81.D81 file which I copy to a new name and then add
the files I which to transfer to it. Note: you cannot rename the disk in
Trans64 because it also stuffs things up unless you take precautions.

To transfer the D81 to a real 1581 disk I use 1581COPY by Womo (Wolfgang
Moser).  This program works great.  If you transfer a disk created by
Trans64 it will not be readable on a 1581 (the BAM is corrupt).  You need to
start with a blank created by C1541 or a 1581COPY of a real disk.  One note
with 1581COPY is that it doesn't accept D81 files with an error block, ie
only 819200 byte files work, not the 822400byte files. I've discussed with
Womo and he seems happy to consider adding this feature to his next release
(its only a one line change)

Note also Trans64 has some problems with D71 images. It creates them
alright, but if you delete files, those on the second side can't be

Hope that helps, now does anyone have any info on the disk image format for
the new CMD drives FD2000 etc?

- Nick

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> This may seem like a really stupid question... but how do you transfer a
> .D81 file back to a real 1581 disk? I've tried using Trans64 with the
> image file and it won't even open it.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> *Geoff!*
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