Re: Original Commodore Cassette Recorder

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-05-23 16:17:16

William Levak wrote:
> I have 5 of the version on the left, 2 actually work.

of mine, one works, one's dead (belts dried up)

>  I'm working on the
> others.  This is the second version.  The first PETs had a different
> recorder with black keys.  Both of these are obviously from audio
> recorders as the mounting for the speaker and the battery compartment
> are clearly visible.  Some of them still had the condenser microphone in
> them.

Iv'e only seen that model on the promotional brochures, I assummed it
was just used in the prototype...

> How do you know this is a Sanyo?  There are no labels on it.  Commodore
> was very thorough in removing anything that could identify it.

I recall I had to tear it apart to find the name, the case does not
reveal it, you are correct.  Though the name could have been on a
component and the unit itself may be another brand.
> The other 2 in the picture are the same mechanism in different cases.  I can't
> be sure from the pictues though.

The cream colored one has a counter added, I found that the cream
colored ones has more problems then the other models (either due to the
counter or alignment)  The best versions of the datasette being the
popular 1530 models.

>  I think this mechanism is also from an
> audio recorder.   The frame on the machanism seemed to fit the same case as
> the older versions.
> I was thinking that if I could find the original recorder, I could put
> the Commodore modified works into the original case and see what you could
> have had if Commodore had not mangled the case.

I put up two other photos I took of the older model datasettes

The one in the PET itself:

And a back view of the three units, (this image is in it's original size
and quite large)

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