Re: Video Connector pinout

From: Ojala Pasi 'Albert' (
Date: 2000-05-16 07:40:31

>     C64/SX64/C128  Pin     C64      VIC20CR      VIC20        B/600
>     -------------  ---  ---------  ---------  ------------  ---------
> (Y) Video           1   Video      +5 V       +5 V          Luminance (R)
>     Ground          2   Ground     Ground     Ground        Ground
> (W) Audio Out       3   Audio Out  Audio Out  Audio Out     V Sync    (B)
>     Composite       4   Composite  Video      50 Ohm Video  Video     (W)
>     Audio In        5   Audio In   Video      Video         H Sync    (Y)
> (R) Color           6
>     +5 V (C64)      8
> Video means combined luminance and sync.
> Composite means combined video and audio

Not in the world I live in. Composite means combined luminance and
chrominance. No audio in there, it is the RF modulator which adds that.
In the VIC20 case video also means composite (VIC20 does have color).
Whether luminance contains composite syncs depends on the hw.

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