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Date: 2000-05-11 00:46:51


I was "talking" by email with a guy who used to repair CBM stuff. Maybe
someone is interested in this snippet of information. I expressed surprise
that CBM called him for repair details on their own machines, and he wrote:

I've got to go right now, but I will share some info with you about commodore.
Think about this,  Recently, I had the pleasure of talking with one of the
senior software engineers who designed the pet series and some of the native
software for the other commodores,  spent most of his time traveling to the
Philippines because of production problems.  He agreed with me,  NO TWO PETS
were ever made the same and there were multiple Mother boards made,  each
board was hand tested and running modifications were made to just make that
board work.  Since we were working on quite a few of them for a contractor in
the defense industry, we had access to every piece of engineering changes, 
Some of those(paperwork) became so ratty from use they were thrown away.  
Commodore at the time was trying to move everyone over to the C64 and the toy
vic and plus4 they dropped the ball on repair for the pet,  leaving it to the
service centers to repair, they didn't want to even field calls on them.  Yet
there were thousands of them out there.  Why they called me was they received
some in shipment from somewhere under contract to repair and didn't have
anyone knowledgeable to work on them, nor did they have any paper work.  We
(over several days) had a teleconference call on their nickel, where I
basically trouble shot over the phone and faxed paperwork to them.  A couple
of years later, they went out of business.

-- Mark

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