Re2: Citizen 120D - help also wanted!

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-05-04 22:03:45

>On Fri, 14 Apr 2000, ken ross wrote:
>> i've just inherited a citizen 120d  and i want to be able to drive it from
>> my pet user port so i need info about how to get it working as at present i
>> can't get to  print out apart from a few chars
>> it'd be nice to be able to use it with my casio 850 hand held as well  , so
>> i think the info i'm after is about the switches hidden inside and the esc
>> codes ?

> Geoffrey D. Oltmans" <>>
>The best way to get it to work is to open a window (perferrably on the
>>2nd floor) and heave it onto the concrete below. It's a ghastly dot
>matrix printer, and just about any kind is better than that one. ;) I used
>to sell these monstrousities. :)

Ah - such a simple view of life from the land of the wealthy ;->
( errr -   nearly a month for a snappy come back ? )
but seriously though folks i'm still after help with using the damm thing !
at the moment I've stowed it out of the way , it's the only printer i'd be
able to use with my Casio 850 and my 8096's user port  if only i could
figure out how to get it to listen to them !
poverty restricts my choice of printers BTW  Geoffrey :-<

Commodore Forever ;->

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