New subject. Connecting a HP Inkjet 500 model to a C= machine

From: Craig S. Levay (
Date: 2000-04-18 02:55:00

Howdy all,
  I have a bit of a problem.  I have been using GEOS v. 1.2 and typing a
manuscript with this fine graphics based word processing program.  I had
been using a MPS style printer but a cheap and working HP 500 type inkjet
printer came my way.  I use a Cardco G-Whiz interface that goes from my
serial port on my 1541 drive and takes power for the buffer off my tape
drive.  I have been using a printer driver of a general bubble-jet that
CMD had on their website.  There is also 8 dip switches on the Cardco
interface.  The C=64 seems to sense that the printer is there and the
printer reacts a couple of time kicking out a couple of lines of gibberish
and thn several sheets of paper before I have to power down.  It locks my
GEOS up until I power down the printer and goes back to normal.
  Any suggestions on where to start on getting the printer up and working 
right with GEOS?

   Craig LeVay

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