PET Shugart interface?

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2000-04-15 00:12:36

Hello all. I don't usually write about PET subjects, but I received a PET
today that caught my eye - on the front it says '3032' and 'professional
computer' and on the back the serial label calls it a '2001-32'. Anyway,
it has a rather curious 34 way ribbon cable coming out of the side and the
machine came with a third party dual 5 1/4" disk drive using a 34 way IDC
connector - which made me think - could this machine possibly have a
Shugart interface inside? I thought PETs were exclusively IEEE-488, but
maybe this one has had a third party interface added, and could perhaps
even take 3 1/2" Shugart drives.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? I haven't opened the machine up


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