Re: Super Graphix jr. printer adapter

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-04-13 04:57:35

William Levak wrote:
> I set it for ASCII conversion and Auto mode.  It prints, but seems to ad
> an extra character every few lines, mostly spaces, but other characters
> too.

ASCII conversion does do some conversion, like make the control
characters abbreviated text, etc. like the grphics heart as [SS] (which
means shift-s)

Not sure what program or printer you are using, I would set the
interface to 1525 mode (or Supergraphics) normally, unless you are using
an epson specific print program (like side a on printshop), then transparent.

In 1525 or Supergraphics the fonts are properly translated as well as
the graphics characters being printed by the printer (drops in and out
of graphics mode to accomplish this).
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