New documents on funet

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-04-07 10:00:56

I'm going to take a three-week break starting next week, and I decided to
finally go through the material Mr. Levak has uploaded in the past few
weeks.  He has done a considerable amount of work, making some of the
already archived 65xx data sheets more readable.

The new material includes the Motorola MC6809E data sheet and the Toshiba
T6721 speech synthesizer.  It is interesting to compare the quality of
these data sheets.  Motorola has always produced very professional
documents, explaining everything.  Commodore tends to leave some questions
open in their data sheets.  And the Toshiba document is even worse;
there's no clear structure in the document, and no index.

Bill has also combined some schematic diagrams that were scanned in
several parts.  I replaced the old 1526 and 128 power supply diagrams with
the versions he supplied, but the 1571 schematic is so big (9600x6500
pixels) that I decided to leave also the 8 original files there.


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