Re: CP/M cartridge
Date: 2000-03-29 22:32:03

Hallo Richard,

> I think Bil means the address multiplexors inside the C64; the ones that
> connect to the DRAMs. If the CP/M cartridge somehow fiddles with the
> address lines at some cycle when it's not supposed to (eg. the DRAM
> refresh cycles) then this could certainly cause problems. Perhaps the Z80
> doesn't get tristated off the bus *quick*enough*, and this leads to
> problems when the next cycle on the 6502 bus is a refresh cycle. Possibly.

As I already said, there are 3 245-buffers and 1 373-buffer between the Z80 and 
C64. And the 245's are steered by CLK2 thru a 3-NAND-input. The 373 is steered 
by the DOT-clock and that's my mistake I think. Writing this the thought 
occured if it is not my mistake, then you could have a good cause for trouble. 
Lets hope I'll find my module quickly enough. Otherwise I only can ask you, or 
who ever has one as well to check this particular line.

Groetjes, Ruud

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