C64 CP/M Cartridge

From: Petri Andras (petri_at_mit.bme.hu)
Date: 2000-03-20 11:00:00

Dear C64 Hackers,

recently I've bought a huge thing on a car boot sale with the label "CP/M
Cartridge for Commodore 64" on it. It seems to be in a workable condition
(it means: no visible cracks on the PCB, the user port connector is clean,
and none of the ICs seem extremely hot after 5 minutes of operation).

I've found a small test program for it, written by Ruud Baltissen, on
ftp.funet.fi; this test program is working well (at least I suppose so; it
displays a short text message). I've also downloaded two .D64 files that
are claimed to be CP/M boot disks for the cartridge. These disks, however,
do not seem to work; when I start them up by LOAD"CPM",8,1 , the screen
clears and a series of asterisks starts to appear, then random garbage
fills the screen and my C64 crashes. 

Is there anyone on the list who has an original untouched CP/M boot disk
for the cartridge?

Best wishes

Andras Petri, jr.

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