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Date: 2000-03-15 01:09:08

CRTL-ALT-Plus and CTRL-ALT-Minus also works on some PC/XT variants.

- Nick

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> >      Hello folks,
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> >      I have been collecting CBM machines since I got my first 64 some 15
> >      years ago, and have I just added a Commodore PC20-III to my 
> >      collection. The machine is capable of runnings it's 8088 chip at
> 4.77, 
> >      7.16 & 9.54 Mhz. Of course it is currently running at 4.77, but I
> was 
> >      wondering if anyone would have access to a diagnostic disk which
> would 
> >      enable me to speed it up a little!! 
> On my Colt, there's a key sequence to change the speed.  It might be
> <CTRL><SHIFT>T for Turbo and <CTRL><SHIFT>S for Slow or some similar
> combination.  It's been long enough that I forget the exact keys.  There
> might be an <ALT> in there, too, like <CTRL><ALT>T.  On my machine, if
> you get it right, the computer trills a beep at one of two tones - the
> higher tone indicates the higher clock speed (CPU delay loop used to
> good effect, no doubt).
> -ethan
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