Re: SuperGames Cartridge

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-03-09 10:29:19

"COPLIN, Nicholas." wrote:
> Does any one else have info other carts which take standard 27xxx ROMs?

The Commodore/Unicomal Comal 80 cartridge does: It comes with two 27256
pin compatible ROM chips, and there is an empty socket that allows for
an extra, user installed 27128 or 27256 EPROM (jumper option). The
banking scheme would allow for 32k more to give 128k total cartridge ROM
space. With a little modification it would of course be possible to
install a 27512 user EPROM that fills up all of the remaining space.

I think I know how the banking register works, I was able to dump all
ROM banks to disk. There's an extra bit that controls GAME and EXROM,
but that's all there seems to be in this cart. 


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