Disk-2-Disk for Amiga

From: Mark (mark_k_at_iname.com)
Date: 2000-03-04 23:37:09


Disk-2-Disk is an old commercial program for the Amiga by Central Coast
Software. There is a demo of it on Aminet (misc/emu/D2D_Demo.lha).

D2D can be used to read data from C64 disks in an unmodified Amiga 5.25"
floppy drive. According to the documentation in the demo archive, reading from
tracks 1-17 is really slow because the program must do some tricks to account
for real 1541 drives having variable speed. (There is a program on Aminet,
misc/emu/1541.lha, which can read 1541 disks but this requires that the Amiga
drive's speed be reduced.)

Does anyone have an original copy of Disk-2-Disk that they would be willing
to sell? If you do, please contact me.

-- Mark

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