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Forwarded to cbm hackers mailing list, as I am under water with work...


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Hi there Andre,

I was looking on your main page and couldn't find the info I was needing ..
perhaps you could help?

I have 2 PET 2001's here ... one has a bad chip or something on the board,
cause it won't boot past garbled characters.

The other one the board is fine, but I think the power supply died because
the monitor no longer comes up.  the tube lights but it does not 'hum' as
normally a crt does.

Both are PET 2001 originals with the chicklet keyboard, and both are the
original PET board revision ... 320008 I think .... the one PET board powers
up and works fine in the other PET case (but that tape drive don't work ..
well at least it won't LOAD anything althogh it does mechanically function
.... grrr)

Anyhow I wanted to use the one with the alleged bad power suppply but I have
no idea how to check it and for what voltages.  Can you suggest something?


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