RE: Plus/4 C16 Questions

From: COPLIN, Nicholas. (
Date: 2000-02-23 09:55:22

> > 1) Peek(186) on the C64/C128/Vic gives the last device's number, what's
> the
> > equivalent peek on a C16 or Plus4
> Have a look at the SETLFS routine.  It's a jump to a routine that performs
> three store operations and a return from subroutine.
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  I don't have a kernal listing.... I don't know where
the SETLFS routine is... have these been published on the net?

> > 2) is there a way in BASIC to detect if the program is running on a C16
> or
> > Plus/4? I'd assume I just look into the ROM somewhere, but where ???
> Why would you want to do that?  
[COPLIN, Nicholas.]  I'm writing a disk directory program and want the same
BASIC program to run all IEC equipped CBM machines.  Hence I would like to
know if I'm on a C16 or Plus/4 so that I can peek(lastdev) instead of
peek(186).  On the Vic20 I need to "correct" for a 23 column screen, but
Peek(186) is valid.  I have a programmers reference guides for the Vic, C64,
C128... but no serious books on the C16/Plus4... was there ever a
programmers reference guide released?

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