Re: Magic Voice Software

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-02-22 15:54:20 wrote:
> For Nicolas: if you want to, I can lent you the module so you can do some
> research on it. If you're ready, you'll send it back.

Oh thanks :-) Nicholas already offered to send me pictures of his Magic
Desk module, maybe this is enough and I can do with ROM dumps. I hope
his version does have all the chip labels. 

Nicholas, I don't know if you also own a Magic Voice, if you do, could
you please try the two Magics together if there is any speech? The
result might have some influence on my efforts to investigate the Magic
Desk :-)

If he doesn't have the speech module, then I'd love to borrow Ruud's
Magic Desk so I can try everything myself. But I should really use my
time for real work now so please don't send the cartridge during the
next few weeks. 

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