Re: Magic Voice Software

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-02-16 09:33:17

"COPLIN, Nicholas." wrote:
> I have never tried Magic Voice with Magic Desk so don't know what to expect
> speech wise.... I don't know if the soft form will work given the Gorf
> discussion!

Well, given the fact that one of the files is 4k in length and named
"magic desk c000", I'm almost sure it will completely overwrite the
Magic Voice code in that area. But then, I'd like to give it a try :-)
Could you please email me the image?

> The Cart itself is a multi-ROM, there are four ROMS in it plus decode logic
> so its not a simple case of EPROM burning  :(

It's probably a very simple banking logic, nothing to fear. With a
little bit of investigation it's easy to duplicate those, preferrably
from a single, high capacity Eprom. Do you have a flatbed scanner? with
some of those very detailed pictures of hardware can be made, and
recently I managed to understand the Final Cartridge 1 from such
information. Okay, ROM dumps and much interaction with the owner was
also needed.

About Gorf.crt: I got it from .

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