Re: Data Sheets

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2000-02-12 12:53:09

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, William Levak wrote:

> This data sheet is there.  It's 48 pages and the image is faint.  This
> will take some work, so I will do the shorter ones first.

Great! I must admit, I'm a bit surprised. This data sheet library of yours
is clearly very good! Please don't forget the T6721A - this data sheet
seems to have caught many people's attention.

> The data sheet says that this chip is designed to work with 2 custom ROMs,
> 6722 and 6684.  Apparently, the data sheet covers these ROMs also, but I
> did not read the whole thing.  Does the V364 have either of these ROMs?

No, but the Magic Voice (and I'm guessing the V364) contain speech data in
their own ROMs which (at least in the case of the Magic Voice) they copy
to RAM. I'm pretty certain the Commodore implementation of the T6721A
makes speech accesses out of RAM, though I don't know how it does it -
programmed I/O, DMA or whatever.

Please make sure you scan the sheet in its entirety, including these
ROMs. I once had a datasheet for the Texas TMS5500 (the chip in the Speak
and Spell) and it made references to seperate ROM chips, but these may
have been serial ROMs and it was clearly a different implementation to
that in the Magic Voice / V364.

Any idea when it will be ready?


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