Re: Steppingrate 1541

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 2000-02-08 22:26:51 wrote:

Hello Ruud,

> Does anyone happen to know how much time the 1541 needs/takes to perform a step
> with the head? I cannot dig it out of my SRC.

Yes. The delay between (half) steps stored in Timer 1 of VIA#2
($1C06/1C07). By
default it is $3A00 (14848), ca. 15 ms. The registers filled by
controller reset
routine ($F259). Most copier and loader programs adjust this to $0F00
The stepping job starting at $FA05.
Although not everytime controller uses fixed delay. The head is
accelerated and
deccelerated appropriately ($5E and $5F constants). Most of
fastformatters don't
uses that, so when head is at the end phase of positioning it is
floating for a
while, and garbage data written some time.

Hey man's! I'me ready with commented HTML version of 1541 rom listing.
Who would
like to mirror/host it?


P.S.: Your date in mail still 100 year (before or after what?) :-) Check

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