CBM/PET uploads

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 2000-02-09 16:34:16

the latest stuff to download from

c6txt.zip  -  missing description file to compliment c6.zip
c7.zip        - icpug maths & eduction disks
c7txt.zip  -  description file
comal0.zip    - comal for the 8000 series including comal for 8096
comal3.zip    - comal prg files
comal4.zip    -  comal prg files
coml0txt.zip - description file
coml3txt.zip - description file
coml4txt.zip - description file
lynx8017.zip - this is what the screen says when you run it on your 8000

"this is an archiver prg for the 8000 series
"ken ross _independent commodore library
"it's been designed to be compatible with lynx17 by will corley on the c64
"this is a non compressing archiving system
"it works by making a copy of all the files wanted into a single file
"so the target drive must have a disk with enough room on it for it
"to work on - other than that there's not much more to say except
"lynx8017 - created feb 2000
(adverts & info over it then asks you about what to do & set up info )
"examine a header create or dissolve archive
(enter e / c /d )
"source device 9 or 8
(enter 9 or 8 )
"use which drive on source 1 or 0
(enter 1 or 0)
"target device 9 or 8
(enter 9 or 8 )
"use which drive on target 1 or 0
(enter 1 or 0)
then it proceeds to wend its merry way through things
the files to archive are chosen from a menu with yes or no options
then it asks you for an lnx archive name - to cope in the 8.3 world it'll
shorten names that are too long !
to download this prg goto the download page for ''lynx8017.zip'' which will
unzip to ''lynx8017.gt'' this prg will only work on cbm's using basic4 !

Commodore Forever ;->

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