PET Anatomy

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2000-02-08 02:26:15

Just Added to my ever-growing Commodore Pages:

Anatomy of the PET

This is a collection of photos I took a bunch of months back displaying
my PETs (and Educator 64) their case designs, keyboards, circuit boards,
etc.  It gives a good overview of the American Line of the various
Commodore PET/CBMs.

Such interesting things to see also in the Anatomy are:
* A picture of the 'drilled ram area' that commodore had done to keep
schools from expanding their PETs bought at a discount.
* A pictures of the Early SuperPET board set and a close up of the
two-switch version.
* A picture of the three earliest designs of the C2N datasette
* In the pictures you will see an original PET RAM Expansion, Graphics
Expansion and a RAM/ROM Emulator.

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