Re: Serial I/O stuff

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 2000-02-07 09:05:14


> Only one serial channel can be 'active' at a time.

Damn! Thanks, sure it'll work now.

> You can also do it one char at a time, but it will halve the
> speed, because a lot of extra bus traffic is generated by
> talk/listen/untalk/unlisten.

Hoped I can hold two channels active simultaneously, since the printing
speed is much slower than the serial data transfer speed - thus it's not
neccessary to buffer anything. With this extra serial bus traffic,
however, I won't play with this idea. I'll keep a simple 256 bytes
buffer and use that.

Only one more question that I quickly realised to ask. When printing on
an MPS compatible printer, is it O.K. to send a CHR$(17) _before any
activity in order to print in small/capital set, or do I have to send
this char _whenever I start a new line on the printer? (In short: what
is the preferred method to print in small/capital set on an MPS (or in a
wider scope: a Commodore compatible serial) printer?)

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