Serial I/O stuff

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 2000-02-07 08:21:06

Hello all!

Have anyone experimented with the Commodore serial 'IEC' routines?

I'm currently trying to convince the C64 to print an ASCII SEQ textfile
out to an MPS like printer.

The character conversion is not much of a problem, but the serial I/O
is. For me, it's like opening the floppy file (SETLFS, SETNAM, OPEN),
then describing that it's the default input (LDX lf, jsr CHKIN). Then
opening the printer (SETLFS, SETNAM, OPEN) and CHKOUT. And then calling
CHRIN, converting the char, then CHROUT until BIT6 of ST (ST after
CHRIN) is cleared.

Only problem is: the thing does not work :-(. It prints the text out to
the screen, if I don't call the printer open routines at all - but
definitely fails to write to the printer, with an - interesting thing -
ST=$42 after the first calling of CHRIN.

Anyone having a clue what I should do in order to get it to work?


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