Re: C64 music player source

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2000-01-29 17:05:13

--- Richard Atkinson <> wrote:
> Does anyone have the source files to any form of C64 music player?
> Anything at all - as long as it uses interrupts to time the music and I
> can play with the code to add some lines to the interrupt routine. I'm
> trying to get the master - slave protocol working for a stereo sidplayer
> with 2 C64s idea I've had.
> Richard

I have some stuff I wrote and sold 15 years ago (it appeared in "Micro
Mother Goose" and a few other C-64 titles).  It's really trivial - the 
player fits in the 2nd cassette buffer.  The hard part is the music editor.



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