Re: 128CR (fwd)

From: Raymond Carlsen (
Date: 2000-01-29 06:08:30

> > It has two 8701 chips (U28 and U42) and a second crystal.
> Can you read what is printed onto the crystals? 

     The 40 column is the NTSC standard 14.31818 Meg and the 80 column is a
single (two wire) type, unlike the flat USA 128 which is a 4 pin. This
crystal has solder on top covering some of the writing, but it appears to
be a standard 16Meg "16000 KD..6C". I noticed that my USA 128DCR doesn't
have a crystal in the RGB section, but there is a 16M crystal in the area
of the drive controller of that motherboard. 
     One other thing I just noticed about this C128CR motherboard is that
the footprint is slightly smaller than my flat 128 motherboard. Although
the connectors on the right side and rear line up exactly with a flat 128,
the left side and front of the board have about 3/4" trimmed off, so the
mounting holes would not line up if I tried to install this board in a flat
128 case. Otherwise, it fits fine. 

> you're the most helpful and knowledgeful repair tech we have around

Flattery like that will get you everywhere. ;-) Thanks. 

> > I'm trying to think of the best way to get a photo of this beast.
> > It's too big for my scanner. ;-)
> Maybe it can be scanned in two parts? 

I'll try that, but I don't know what kind of quality I can expect since the
board doesn't sit flat against the table. I've never tried to scan a 3D
object. I have an older digital camera that I can try too. If that's not
good enough, I can try a standard video camera and digitize the frame. I
might have to do it in two sections to get any resolution. I'll figure a
way... it's a learning experience... the fun part. When I can get a decent
image, I'll send it along. By the way, I don't know if Marko reads this,
but if you think he would be interested, please let him know. Thanks. 


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