Re: C128D Floppy Drive Controller

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2000-01-27 21:46:46 wrote:
> Just for those who are not familiar at all with the C128D: the controllerboard
> for the the single drive and the one of the C128D differ at least in size and
> the way they are powered.

Yes, the drive part also doesn't have pull-up resistors on the serial
port, just like the 128DCR, but unlike the SX64. It also doesn't need
the fix that I've seen on all 1571 boards so far: one transistor leg
near the R/W head connector is bent up and a diode connected. The 1571D
and (real) 1570 boards have this diode already in the  board layout.

> In Germany the C128DCR is refered to as C128DB. I don't know if the B is
> original as they nicknamed it the "C128D Blech" (blech is German for "tincan").

It's not original. 64'er gave the first 128D a nice nickname: Diesel,
because many cars with Diesel engine also have that D suffix in their
model number (What a pity that Fiat never had a Diesel engine in their
128 ;-). When the DCR was presented in '87, they first called it the
"Blechdiesel", but I must admit that I somehow never knew who introduced
the DB suffix. I don't think I saw it until about a year ago, I knew
about the DCR suffix a lot earlier.

> Here in the Netherlands I and my friends always used the name C128DB as well.
> But living so close to Germany and everyone reading "64-er" we can have
> imported this name without knowing it was the wrong or right.

64'er introduced quite some stupid new names, instead of using the ones
from Commodore. The original C64C was called the C64-II, the C64 with
the new E board became the C64-III and later the Aldi-C64. In '89
Commodore released 1571 drives with the new bugfixed ROM and 64'er
called this drive the 1571-II. 


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