RE: C128D Floppy Drive Controller

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Date: 2000-01-25 05:31:26

Hi Richard,
The simplest way to differentiate the C128D and C128DCR is by the casing.
The DCR has a metal one, the D a plastic case with a handle.

Inside, the D has basically the C128 flat case board and a C1571 control
board.  Usually there is a fan.  A couple connectors are different, but
essentially its a case of the individual units installed in one case.

Inside, the DCR has only one circuit board having the parts to be the C128
and C1571.  The ROMs are different in that they have been "combined" and as
your work has detailed, the Drive controller chips are new.

If you ever got the opportunity to see and compare the two machines you'd
agree that the DCR has definitely earned its name as "Cost Reduced" - well
from a parts count point of view.  Commodore seemed to be good at this
(there's a Vic20 CR, the C64C was essentially CR, and the C128DCR board is
rumoured to have also been used on the flat cased C128 but in a depopulated

Hope this helps, Nick

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> On Mon, 24 Jan 2000, Richard Atkinson wrote:
> > By the way, please refer to the machine as a 'C128DCR' as I always
> > confused your messages with ones about the plastic C128D - ie. a regular
> > C128 and 1571 in one case.
> The model number on the case is C128D.  It's the only one I have.  All the
> information I have (what little there is) matches this machine.  If there
> is a different version, I have no information on it.
> Would you care to elaborate on this?
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