cbm/pet files

From: ken ross (ken.ross1_at_virgin.net)
Date: 2000-01-16 13:22:18

>BTW, what is this other list (at buffalo.edu)?
thats me saving myself a bit of typing !

>But now I'd like to have some generic descriptions of the archives.  It
>seems that the files *txt.zip are directory listings of some sort, and the
>*lnx.zip files contain single Lynx archives containing the files.  But
>what are the two-letter codes (b1 through b3, c1 through ck, u1 through
the 2 letter codes are the identifiers for the disks - i inherited that
system when i took over the ICPUG CBM/PET library on real floppys - i've
got the catalog on my website .
that will be tidied up as well in time < all being well that is >
i'll sort some info about them as soon as etc < sigh-  so little time and
so much to do >

the txt files are the intro files from the disks themselves - i've just
listed them , they're on the archives as well  -
 The file ny.zip appears to be the New York Times article about some
>C= users.  I wouldn't put it available without asking permission.
 oops ! - my error !! - i just put all my zips into one folder and uploaded
the lot -  i was shifting that over to 1541 ;->

Commodore Forever ;->

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