Re: EPP or ECP based data transfer

From: ken ross (
Date: 2000-01-08 10:08:10

>Hallo Marko,
>> I don't remember when I last mentioned this project.  Anyway, I'm trying
>> to connect my CBM 8032-SK to the PC so that I can transfer programs, and I
>> want to build a 8-bit bidirectional cable with efficient handshaking.
>> Basically I'm trying to adapt the interface that Frank Kontros designed
>> for the C64.
>Have al ook at my project PC-IEEE. At this moment only an idea but the PC
>should emulate an IEEE-drive. If you forget the software for the moment,
>only a
>cable needed, no extra hardware !!! (LPT must be bi-directional)
>I'm looking forward on any comment

don't forget the user port ! - i used to drive a centronics printer from my
8032  in this way with handshaking - so if your pc parallel port can be
configured to accept data coming in it'd be quite easy(??)   ( as a mac man
i've got no advice i can give about that end of things ! )  - i've got the
8032 listing to hand if it's wanted .

Commodore Forever ;->

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