Re: EPP or ECP based data transfer

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2000-01-07 10:07:19

On Thu, 6 Jan 100 wrote:

> I am looking for doc's on ECP and EPP. Could you send me (all) your info ie. 
> send me some URL's please?

I posted the URLs in another message.  I found them with the Swedish
AltaVista ( quite easily.

> It seems that I missed one or more emails about a project involving the above 
> ports ??? (remember, I lost some mail lately :( )

I don't remember when I last mentioned this project.  Anyway, I'm trying
to connect my CBM 8032-SK to the PC so that I can transfer programs, and I
want to build a 8-bit bidirectional cable with efficient handshaking.
Basically I'm trying to adapt the interface that Frank Kontros designed
for the C64.

> I must have a small device laying around which was meant to use it
> with my Eprommer to read the ROM's. I will look for it.

I think I might have a large collection of ROM images somewhere (if I
downloaded them back in 1995 when I found them on the net).  Anyway, my
intention is not only to play games, but also to develop new software (or
should I say firmware) for the 2600. :-)


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