EPP or ECP based data transfer

From: Marko Mäkelä (msmakela_at_cc.hut.fi)
Date: 2000-01-06 15:29:53

I did some experiments with my PET and PC last night.  Conclusion: The
74LS74 does not work very well if its operating voltage (from the DIAG pin
of the PET user port) is 1.75 volts.

I downloaded the ECP and EPP descriptions from the Warp Nine home page.  
If my interpretation is correct, the protocols require four handshake
lines, but I believe it would be possible to cope with 2 or 3 handshake
lines on the Commodore side by using latches, like the cable designed by
Frank Kontros does.

Has anyone investigated this?  I think EPP is the way to go.  If there are
no DMA capable EPP chipsets for PCs now, there probably will be in the
future.  This means that data transfers using EPP won't generate much load
on the PC's CPU (as if that was a problem; most transfers would take at
most a few seconds).

BTW, I'm also dreaming of an Atari VCS 2600 cartridge with a few kilobytes
of static RAM and a cable to the PC's parallel port, making it possible to
transfer games to the cartridge.  With some buffering, further games could
maybe even be downloaded while a game is being played on the system.


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