Re: More on C128D Floppy Drive

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2000-01-03 16:40:26

::> Limitations:  My search of the ROM routines would find only locations
::> accessed by direct addressing.  Any addresses using indirect addressing
::> would not be found.  I have not yet found the routines that initialize the
::> chips.
::Assuming that all initialization routines are invoked directly by the
::RESET handler (and not i.e. by an interrupt handler), you could run the
::code in a generic 6502 emulator, which doesn't need to know anything about
::the hardware.  That emulator could then log all reads and writes to e.g.
::$0800-$BFFF.  Unfortunately I don't know such emulators very well; you
::might need to do some C programming to adapt e.g. the CPU emulator VICE is
::using.  I used a modified version of a VIC-20 emulator to remove the copy
::protection from a couple of very tricky cartridges.

I can give him my Perl 6502 core. It's incomplete, however: it does not
yet support decimal mode, ROL or ROR. It also tries to emulate the Kernal,
so calls to documented Kernal jump table entries will be trapped. However,
disabling that is pretty straightforward.

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